Best Online Sportsbook


When it comes to choose the best online sportsbook for all of your sports betting needs, there are a few major things that you need to consider as well as a few minor things that may sway your decision.

Most importantly, you need to trust them. A few things will make or break that trust; first, take a good look at the site. Does it look like a fly-by-night operation hastily thrown together by a bunch of slackers, or a sleek and professional image with plenty of time and thought behind it? Does it clearly show you where to go to find the betting rules and legal info, and just as easily point to the customer service and help sections? Do a little of your own investigation — ask around, search the web, look for press releases and review sites. Make sure they guarantee the safe and secure transfer of your money. Only when you are comfortable do you want to put your money to the test.

Secondly, you want to choose the online sports book that will benefit you the most. All the best online sports betting websites will offer you some sort of incentive to sign up with them; usually it’s a bonus of free money in your account, matching a certain percentage of your first deposit, and/or a free bet to start you off. Once you join up, a number of the best sites offer some sort of loyalty points or free gifts, so the more you bet the better off you’ll be. – the history alone is a good reason to trust them. They’ve been at the sports book business since the early 1980’s, and they’ve been online almost as long as there’s been an internet (they took the first sports bet online, after all!). A commitment to high technology lets them handle transactions in the blink of an eye, and offer some pretty slick casino games as well (including free slots, Wheel of Fortune included!). Their record speaks for itself: more than $500 Million paid out to customers from more than 180 countries over the last three years — that’s a few satisfied customers, right? Personally, I’ve rarely if ever seen minimum stakes as low as they offer, so feel free to start off with amounts that you’re comfortable with! – good looks and good results go hand-in-hand here (and I’m not just talking about Nikki Cox!). Hands-down, they’re the most attractive and user-friendly online sportsbook around, but I’m guessing that you’ll be even more impressed by how easy and quick it is to take care of exactly what you came for. They may be relative newcomers on the online sports betting scene, but having the edge in the latest technology as well as an impressive collection of “Best Sports Book” awards makes the age difference seem unimportant. Tack on a generous collection of sign-up and VIP bonuses, and suddenly really starts to look like a sure thing. I know I spend plenty of time there, and I swear it’s not all on the Nikki Cox page… – since 1994, these folks have been proving themselves to be one of the best sports book choices. Timely and accurate, you can count on them to know every detail instantly. This doesn’t just cover odds, results, predictions and analysis – this means the quickest and most complete customer service and satisfaction in the business. They handle sports, of course, but also current events, breaking news, politics, Hollywood gossip, stock predictions, and weather! Betting enthusiasts across the globe swear by BetUS, and I for one have never had a single complaint. I suppose a little of that might have something to do with some of the best and most bonuses of any sports book, or maybe all the free bets, free picks, and free merchandise…