Online Sportsbetting

Online Sportsbetting

For the totally uninitiated, sportsbetting means putting a bet on a sports game. If you’ve bet a friend five bucks that Dorados de Chihuahua will beat Tecos UAG on Saturday, you are technically sportsbetting.

However, there are several differences between making a friendly wager and placing a bet with a bookmaker (which just means a person who places bets for a living). As there are plenty of illegal bookmakers out there (and often with connections to more dangerous criminals), you should do all of your betting with a professional sports book — this will ensure that the bet is completely safe, valid and legal, as the sports books are recognized and regulated.

And finally, the safest, most convenient, and most secure bets of all are placed with an online sports book. The benefits of using an online sports book are many, including:

  • Always open: 24 hours and 7 days a week, any time you want to place a bet, you can head over to one of the website and stay for one minute or twelve hours. All up to you!
  • much more flexible about bet amounts: your friend would think you crazy if you said you wanted to put $1 down on the Panteras game. On the other hand, nobody at the best online sports books would think twice about it.
  • Safe and Secure: online sportsbooks need to handle lots of money from millions of customers all around the world; if they didn’t have the best security technology and customer service, they’d be out of business.
  • All the info:  sure, you want to know which LNBP games to bet on — that’s a no-brainer. But how about the FIBA Americas League? How about every basketball league worldwide? How about EVERY major sport worldwide (and politics and entertainment, too…anything that anyone might want to bet on). And on top of that, how about histories, stats, predictions, and just about every detail you could ever hope to find about any player or game or sport (except, perhaps, which casino has the loosest slots in Vegas)?
  • Bonuses: they want to give you free money, and lost of it, to get you as a customer. They want to keep giving you free money so that you’ll keep coming back. Sounds good to me!

Over / Under: this is when you bet on the game as a whole, rather than the individual teams. You get three numbers: a total, and two sets of moneyline odds. The total is the combined score for both teams, and the individual odds are how likely the final score is to be under or over that total. So if we have a game that shows over / under odds like this: 142, O -125, U -115, all this means is that you are betting $125 to win $100 if the score is over 142 for both teams combined (so, for instance, a final score of 67 to 65 which would be over 142). And vice versa – – you will win $100 if you bet $115 on the under and the final score turns out to be 67 to 55, for example. In either case, if you bet wrong, you get nothing.

Parlays: has nothing to do with speaking, but not infrequently causes a lot of shouting. This is just a series of bets, with odds based on the idea that you have to win all of them to get anything (this is a little different from the good – old “double or nothing?” bet, because you probably did not know you were going to make the second bet when you first began).