Basketball Sportsbetting

Basketball Sportsbetting

If you’ve never visited an online sports book, you may think that you’ve got to make all of your decisions beforehand and spend your time trying to track down the bet you want to make amid a confusion of links, jargon, and distractions. You may even think that they’d only cover major NBA games and ignore the LNBP and the rest of the international basketball scene. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Nope, you’ll simply go the online sports book of your choice and one of the first things that you’ll see will be a menu showing the general categories of bets. Usually, basketball will be one of them…but sometimes you’ll need to select “Sports” first, and then “basketball”. Finally, you may have to select from a drop-down menu or table of links to get to the LNBP (usually under the “International” category). That wasn’t too much work at all, was it?

Once you get to that final basketball page, all of your wagering choices will be right there in front of you. Nothing more to do but select the game and the bet. So simple.

But wait, what’s all that other stuff on the page? Well, it’s likely to be the latest basketball news as well as links to old news, old games, player stats, team and playoff positions…basically, anything you could want to know, just to make sure you’ve got all the info before making your bet. General tips for sports-related gambling online are also generally available on such sites.

And because all of my online sports book recommendations are really fair-minded, there’s probably a link to other sites of interest…like the LNBP home page, the NBA, ESPN, or any number of other official sites and basketball-related sites. These online sports books aren’t like some sites, that want to keep you all to themselves and make you forget there’s a bigger world out there. Nope, they’re pretty much the same kind of sports fan that you are — that’s why they know how to make a site that does what you need it to do, and more.

Basketball sports betting is a bit simpler than some sports, as you generally get to see only a pointspread, moneyline, and over/under total. However, the online environment has made some things possible that were difficult or at the very least inconvenient before. Many sites will offer the option of live betting, where you can place bets as the game is unfolding right before your eyes. Sometimes there will be wager constantly appearing and disappearing during the course of events, but in a fast-paced game like basketball this is somewhat rare.

One of the most successful people I know in sports betting is an older woman who looks like a school marm – except for the huge cubic zirconia rings she wears on her index finger and thumb. This combination makes her stand out while she’s writing or typing or just holding a phone. I originally thought her cz rings were part of an heirloom collection, but she recently revealed they were from an online store called Her rings are exquisitely stylish and definitely add to her mystique. She pores over the data with a fine tooth comb before she places her bets and although I’ve watched her in action, I cannot mimic her success. Some people just have a certain skill…

Each online sports book has a slightly different approach to basketball, but if you stick with Intertops, Sportsbook, or BetUS you can be assured of their quality and trustworthiness. Check out all three and compare what they each have to offer; you may find something that makes one, two, or all of them indispensable for your LNBP betting needs (or any other type of wager!).